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Responsibility, the key to your happiness

A lot of times I woke up and was wishing I didn’t because life felt so heavy. I didn’t have the job I wanted, the beautiful apartment I always had in mind was far away from where I was living at and I dated one guy after another, realized they were all either not interested in me or it was me being not interested in them.

I read tons of books, talked to lots of people and finally realized that nobody but me is responsible for my happiness.

Any kind of an unhappy life starts with unhappy thoughts. Your thoughts are a lot more powerful than you probably are aware of, No god, no parents, no ex boyfriend or girlfriend, nobody else but you is responsible for where you are in your life right now.

We come to this world to experience life, to grow and to explore us and our emotions. All the people you have met in your life, even the bad ones that have hurt you, are there to make you grow.

It is always up to you if you want to take the chance or be miserable and bitter.

Just to make it clear, that does not mean it is ok for others to treat you bad. You should not do a happy dance when your husband cheats but you can always take the responsibility for your life and take it as a chance to now be free and meet the one guy that maybe has been just waiting for you.

Write down how you imagine a happy life for yourself on one side of the paper and write the facts about the life you have right now on the backside of it.

How many things that make you happy, do you have in your life right now and what is missing?

When you go to bed, be grateful for what you have right now that makes you happy and when you wake up in the morning, close your eyes again and imagine your dream life. Tell yourself you are a love magnet, money magnet, you are a successful business partner or whatever you think you need in your life. Do that every day and feel the energy coming from it.

After a few weeks of practicing those two exercises daily, you should feel a chance.

This is your life and you can be who you want and where you want, if you are ready to take the chance and be responsible. Life is precious, life is great and you deserve nothing less but the best! Stop victimizing yourself and shine through all of lifes challenges.